For the safety of the MIT community – faculty, staff, students, researchers, visitors, and vendors/suppliers – we are following specific guidelines for access to MIT campus buildings. The process and related requirements apply to all MIT-owned and MIT-leased buildings in Cambridge, MA; Boston (OC11); Haystack Observatory in Westford, MA; and Bates Research & Engineering Center in Middleton, MA.

MIT community members should continue to work from home when possible. Individuals should work on the physical campus only if they are designated and authorized for on-campus work.

Please note at this time, MIT buildings are not open for in-person tours, to tourists, or to other casual visitors.

Recent updates

Covid Access and Covid Pass

MIT is using two systems to grant and manage access to campus buildings: Covid Access and its companion application, Covid Pass. These applications work together to manage physical building access, as well as the requirements and compliance measures expected of anyone who enters an MIT building. Some buildings, or clusters of buildings, will be accessible only through specific access points that have card readers tied to the Covid Access/Pass system. All normal building exits will remain functional and usable.

Everyone returning to campus and using campus facilities is required to be tested for Covid-19 before returning to work. Once you complete the acknowledgment step in Covid Pass for the first time, the system will direct you to be tested.

Covid Access

Covid Access is the application used by designated individuals in each school, department, lab, and center (DLC) to grant and manage access to campus buildings. Creating an allocation for a person in Covid Access permits that individual to use Covid Pass. Covid Access grants access to exterior doors designated as building access points only. Interior door access is managed by MIT’s gatekeepers using the C-Cure and Genetec systems. An MIT ID card must first be activated through Covid Access to allow access to internal doors. A list of Covid Access authorizers can be found on the AdminConnect site.

Learn more about Covid Access.

Covid Pass

Covid Pass is the application used to complete requirements for accessing campus. Everyone approved to enter any MIT campus building for any reason, including faculty, staff, students, affiliates, vendors, suppliers, and those needing temporary access, must comply with state, local, and MIT requirements and use Covid Pass.

A mobile version of Covid Pass (MIT Atlas) is available for iOS 13+ and Android 7+.

Learn more about Covid Pass.

Human research subjects

Human research subjects will have their own process and requirements and should contact the person organizing their visits for specific information. Principal investigators can read more about compliance on the COUHES website.