December 17, 2020

To the MIT community,

The recent Covid-19 vaccine approvals have provided some much-needed hope and good news, and MIT Medical is gearing up to play its role. Unlike our Covid testing program, however, we do not have control over access to and administration of vaccines. Here is what we know as of now, and keep in mind that everything is subject to change.

For the foreseeable future, all Covid-19 vaccines are being apportioned by the federal government on a state-by-state basis and are distributed by the states directly to healthcare organizations, like MIT Medical. We expect our first delivery of vaccines will arrive no sooner than mid-January, but we have no control over when we will get a shipment, how many doses will be in that shipment, or which manufacturer’s vaccine we will receive.

MIT Medical will follow the guidelines provided by the state and federal public health authorities. That means front-line healthcare workers will be first in line for any vaccinations we receive, followed by MIT Police, MIT EMS, and other first responders. High-risk individuals will be prioritized within those categories. There can be no exceptions.

At this time, we are not yet sure how other members of the MIT community will be able to access the vaccine. We are working closely with the Commonwealth to determine how and when the majority of the MIT community will receive their vaccine. As soon as we know more, we will share that information with you.

Until then, if you are able to get a vaccine through your personal healthcare provider, please do so for your safety and the safety of your family and our community.

Be assured that we stand ready to provide immunizations quickly, safely, and professionally to whatever extent we are authorized to do so. Please do not contact MIT Medical to request a vaccination; we will contact you directly if you are eligible. Once again, I will update the MIT community as soon as we know more.

While we all wait for vaccinations, it is essential that you continue to do your part to keep our community safe — wear your mask, physically distance from others, and stay safe as we enter a hopeful new year.

Happy holidays,

Cecilia Stuopis, MD
Medical Director, MIT Medical