December 17, 2020

Dear Covid Pass Users and Authorizers,

With the approaching holiday winter break, we wanted to send you a friendly reminder about testing hours, safe travel advice, and return to campus protocols. The below will have implications for anyone needing to access campus – and, in particular, for those who live on campus.

Also note, if you must travel outside Massachusetts, even for personal reasons, please register your trip and be sure to follow the return to campus protocols, below.

Holiday testing hours for December and January

Please visit the Covid Pass app or the Covid Apps Medical Testing page for testing hours and locations.

Safe travel and holiday gathering advice

  • If you must travel outside Massachusetts for any reason, please register your trip using the new MIT Travel Registry.
  • Refer to MIT Medical’s excellent resources on how to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Keep in mind the advice of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker: “The safest way to celebrate this year is with members of your own household and to postpone or cancel any travel plans and to avoid gatherings with people you don’t live with. Any type of celebration beyond that has real potential, as we saw with Thanksgiving, to spread the virus and hurt the ones we love the most.”

Return to campus protocols

  • Campus residents who have traveled should be tested as soon as they return to campus (or on the first available testing date) and quarantine for seven days – but continue with their regular testing cadence according to automated testing prompts from Atlas, so they can maintain access to their residence. Once a negative test result returns after the seven-day quarantine, the quarantine period will end.
  • Those who live off campus and are Covid Pass users (employees, students, or affiliates) and who have traveled outside Massachusetts should plan to work remotely (if they are able), quarantine for seven days, and test on the seventh day. Ideally, they should continue to work remotely until a negative result is received. Employees who cannot work remotely will report to work but should remain vigilant for symptoms and stick to their testing cadence (keeping in mind the more limited testing schedule).
  • Those in Covid Pass who did not travel (both campus residents and those living off campus) may have missed their regular testing cadence due to the holiday break. They should test the first day they are back on campus (or the first available testing date). Note: Graduate students are encouraged to review new guidance about vacation time and quarantine.

Be vigilant and report symptoms or close contacts through Covid Pass

  • Be vigilant for any symptoms of Covid-19, even minor symptoms.
  • Report any symptoms and close contact with a person suspected or known to have Covid-19 (if you find out about this after travel or any gathering) via Covid Pass.

Thank you and happy holidays!
The Covid Testing Team

Testing and quarantine grid

Resident typeTest upon arrival to campus*Quarantine** for 7 daysFollow regular testing cadenceTest on day 7 of quarantine*
Non-traveler who socialized outside of their household.***Not applicableStrongly encouragedRequiredNot required
Non-traveler who did not socialize outside of their household.Not applicableNot requiredRequiredNot applicable

*Testing in addition to residents’ normal testing cadence.
**Graduate residents are encouraged to review new guidance about vacation time and quarantine.
***For most people, their “household” is the people they live with, but we know that throughout the pandemic, many “households” have combined with others to create social bubbles. If that social bubble (however you define it) is who you are gathering with, the quarantine guidance does not apply.