September 14, 2020

Dear Covid Pass participants,

MIT Medical is pleased to announce that we have opened a second Covid-19 testing facility, located at the Johnson Athletic Center, Building W34. This indoor testing site will operate Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and will allow MIT to more than double its testing capacity. You may choose to use the new facility at Johnson or the trailers at MIT Medical (Building E23) each time you need to take a Covid Pass test.

The Johnson Testing Facility will operate differently from the trailers at MIT Medical:

  • The line for the Johnson Testing Facility is completely indoors. The queue is labeled with markers that are six feet apart for reference, and masks are required at all times other than during the test.
  • The Johnson Testing Facility is a self-swab-only testing site. MIT Medical team members will observe you as you swab yourself, but a clinician will not perform the test for you. Individuals will be responsible for properly performing their own tests.

Just as at the testing trailers, you MUST bring your Covid Pass app or MIT ID card, or have your MIT ID number handy in order to be tested. Only Covid Pass participants are eligible to be tested at the Johnson Testing Facility. No exceptions.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the new testing facility.

Thank you for your continued compliance with testing and for continuing to protect yourself and the MIT community as we tackle this pandemic together.


MIT Medical

Do I need to be tested at the Johnson Testing Facility if I am a student?
No. Anyone using Covid Pass can be tested at either campus testing site.

If I am tested at the Johnson Testing Facility and decide I prefer the testing trailers, can I go back to the trailers next time?
Yes. You can choose whichever site you prefer and can even alternate sites each time you are tested. Although you must be tested to continue to access campus buildings, it doesn’t matter which site you choose. Go to whichever location is more convenient to you.

Is it difficult to swab myself? What if I do it wrong?
Performing observed self-swabbing is easy. An MIT Medical team member will be watching as you do it to make sure you do it correctly. If you have questions, just ask us.

What ever happened to the idea of take-home Covid-19 testing? Is that still a possibility?
Yes, it could still happen. Take-home, unobserved Covid-19 testing is still in the works and pending FDA approval. Once we are approved for take-home use, we will let you know and share information about who is eligible, how it will work, and where you can pick up and drop off your testing kits. Unfortunately, we don’t know when that might happen.

What if I have additional questions?
Email, and someone will be in touch shortly.