September 30, 2020

To the MIT campus community:

I am writing to let you know that on Monday evening, one of our health care providers at MIT Medical tested positive for Covid-19. The individual affected is isolating at home and is doing well.

We do not normally write the community for a positive case identified through MIT’s rigorous testing protocols. However, because of the essential role MIT Medical plays in keeping our community safe, I wanted to transparently share what I can.

As I hope you know, MIT takes swift action in every positive case, including contact tracing, communication with affected individuals, support for those in quarantine, deep cleaning of affected spaces, and appropriate coordination with local and state health authorities. In this case, each one of these steps has already taken place, and those potentially affected are being supported in quarantine.

It is not unusual for health care providers, in any setting, to contract Covid-19. I can say with confidence, however, that this case appears not to have been contracted at MIT, where the percentage of positive tests remains far below the state average. That track record underscores the strength of our existing protocols, including the frequent surveillance testing that revealed this positive. But we will not rest. We are reviewing every facet of our approach to ensure MIT Medical maintains a high standard of safety and excellence.

In that spirit, I’d like to emphasize that medical facilities are safe places to visit, and you should not defer routine testing or needed healthcare. MIT Medical is safely open for business.

Let me reiterate that had you been in contact with the affected individual, you would have heard from our Covid-19 contact tracing team yesterday. If you have not heard from MIT Medical, you are not at risk from this case.

The people of MIT Medical are on the front lines of protecting our community in the face of this pandemic, and we are deeply grateful for your support. Thank you for helping MIT stand with the science and continue to model solutions.


Cecilia Stuopis, MD
MIT Medical Director