December 18, 2020

Please note that the below policy, which was sent to MIT community members on December 17, has been updated.

As outlined in Chancellor Barnhart’s December 14 letter about the spring semester, seniors who choose to live near MIT will now have an opportunity to access campus for research and academic activities such as thesis work, UROPs, and in-person instruction required for degree completion. Note: Access periods include during both IAP and the spring semester.

Off-campus seniors may request access to campus facilities through the following individuals:

  • For research (UROP, theses): PI/UROP faculty supervisor or faculty thesis supervisor.
  • For in-person subjects required for degree completion: academic advisor or relevant department undergraduate administrator.
  • For extracurricular use of makerspaces (IAP only*): makerspace/shop manager. Note: Students must have already been granted campus access for research or curricular purposes for IAP; campus access may not be granted solely for extracurricular activities.

(*The IAP-only access period is because makerspace access will be prioritized during the spring semester for safely accommodating first-years, sophomores, and juniors who are residing on campus.)

These individuals will make the request on the student’s behalf by emailing the following information to

  • Student name
  • MIT ID#
  • Email address
  • Requested building for lab access OR subject number for in-person instruction

Once the request is submitted, staff members from the Office of Experiential Learning, the Registrar’s Office, and Project Manus will confirm eligibility and facilitate access via Covid Pass. Please see the table below for more details.

Testing and quarantine protocol for seniors with approved access

After being added to Covid Pass, you will receive a notification to your MIT email address to review the acknowledgement form and complete the required training. Once you have taken these steps in Covid Pass, you should:

  • Plan to come to an MIT testing facility for a test as soon as possible.
  • Self-quarantine for seven days.
  • Come back to an MIT testing facility for a second test.

Upon receiving a second negative test, students will be authorized to access relevant parts of campus, provided they remain current with their testing and compliance protocols. Please keep this sequence and timing in mind to best help with your planning.

In-person access for off-campus seniors

The chart below summarizes the necessary steps needed to secure campus access for off-campus seniors during IAP and throughout spring 2021. Any general questions (by students, faculty, or administrators) should be directed to

PurposeStep 1: Student requests in-person access from:Step 2: Formal request to student-car@mit.eduStep 3: Eligibility check
Research (UROP, theses)UROP or thesis faculty advisor (UROP application or thesis registration must be on file)UROP or thesis faculty supervisor submits a request to Include student name, MIT ID#, email address, and requested building for lab access.OEL staff confirms student eligibility for in-person lab access (MITSIS and Covid Access). Instructs PI/faculty advisor to add the student to Exercise B spreadsheet and upload to Covid Access.
Curricular (in-person subjects, class projects)Academic advisorAcademic advisor submits a request Include student name, MIT ID#, email address, and subject number(s) for in-person instruction.Registrar’s Office staff adds the student to Covid Access and notifies the academic advisor.
Extra-curricular (makerspaces): IAP only for seniors with approved access for curricular and research reasonsMakerspace/shop managerMakerspace/shop manager submits a request to Include student name, MIT ID#, email address, and requested building for access.Project Manus staff confirms in-person access eligibility, adds the student to Covid Access, and notifies makerspace/shop manager.