November 23, 2020

Dear Covid Pass Users and Authorizers,

A friendly reminder that this week’s testing hours are limited due to the Thanksgiving break. This will have implications for anyone needing to access campus – and, in particular, residents. Also note, if you must travel this week, please register your trip and be sure to follow the return to campus protocols, below.

Special testing hours and locations for November 25-29

  • Wednesday, November 25: Both the Johnson and E23 testing locations will close at 2 p.m.
  • Thursday, November 26, and Friday, November 27: Testing is closed.
  • Saturday, November 28: Testing is available from 6 a.m.-2 p.m. at Johnson only.
  • Sunday, November 29: Testing is closed.

Regular testing hours resume on Monday, November 30.

Atlas will move tests due this Thursday and Friday to next week.

  • If you are due to test on Thursday, November 26, or Friday, November 27, Atlas will move your next test due date to the week after Thanksgiving.
  • If you typically test Monday/Thursday, you will be due to test on Monday, and if you typically test on Tuesday/Friday, your next test will be due on Tuesday.
  • Campus residents may test on Saturday, November 28, if desired, which will set their next test date to Tuesday.

If you traveled or socialized outside your household, you must self-quarantine for 7 days, working remotely if possible.

  • Campus residents should test on their day of return, or as soon as MIT’s testing locations are open, quarantine for 7 days, then test again. Automated reminders from Atlas will ask you to test earlier, but you should continue to quarantine until your second test on the 7th day. Once the second negative test returns, you may access other areas of campus.
  • Covid Pass users living off campus should work remotely and quarantine for 7 days, and test on the 7th day. Ideally, you should continue to work remotely until your negative result returns.
  • If you did not travel or socialize outside your immediate household, you must resume testing on your normal cadence beginning Monday, November 30.

Everyone should be vigilant and report symptoms or close contacts through Covid Pass.

  • Be vigilant for any symptoms of Covid-19, even minor symptoms.
  • Report any symptoms and close contact with a person suspected or known to have Covid-19 (if you find out about this after travel or your gathering) via Covid Pass.

Thank you,

The Covid Testing Team