February 1, 2021

During MIT’s phased recovery from Covid-19, a top priority for the Institute is to allow our faculty, staff, postdocs, and students increased access to campus in order to safely pursue their educational, research, and operational support activities. To maintain low building density while allowing these essential activities, visitor access to campus will continue to be significantly limited and discouraged until further notice. MIT will review this policy toward the end of the spring 2021 semester.

Visitor categories that are not explicitly provided access are not permitted on campus. Approved visitor categories are limited to those whose campus access is required for MIT to conduct on-campus educational and research activities, as well as the vital services that support these endeavors.

Only those with approval may access campus buildings, including:

  • Students and their family members residing on campus
  • Students with approval to attend or give in-person instruction
  • Students approved to support, or participate in, research activities
  • Students residing off campus in the Greater Boston area and participating in MIT Medical’s off-campus testing program can access MIT Medical testing sites
  • Staff and faculty approved to support or participate in research, educational, or operational activities
  • Affiliates, vendors, or suppliers invited by an authorized staff or faculty member to support or participate in research, educational, or operational activities

Unapproved visitors are not permitted inside campus buildings.

Research visitor guidelines

Information on research visitor guidelines is located on the website of the Vice President for Research. All exceptions must be approved and documented by the head of the requesting department, laboratory, or center, and by the relevant school or college dean or the vice president for research.

Vendors, suppliers, and contractors

If you are a vendor, supplier, or contractor from outside the MIT community seeking to access campus buildings to provide support for research, educational, or operational activities, your MIT contact will need to seek approval from the authorized access approver for their school, department, lab, or center (DLC). You will receive instructions for using Covid Pass to comply with campus access requirements, or you will be directed to be escorted inside campus buildings by an authorized Covid Pass user. Please note, usage will be monitored, and misuse of Covid Pass (e.g., testing when vendors aren’t supposed to test) may result in revocation of a user’s account.

Visitor exceptions

Requests for exceptions to grant access for reasons not described above should be submitted by the DLC that seeks to serve as sponsor of such a visitor. If you are not sure which MIT staff member or access approver to contact, email visitor-exceptions@mit.edu.