Last updated: February 21, 2022

When arriving or returning to campus

Students must complete the daily attestation, including reporting of any symptoms, and begin testing once per week at their earliest opportunity.

Students and residents who have traveled away from campus will enter a “quiet period” until they receive one negative Covid test administered through MIT’s Covid testing program. During the quiet period, students and residents need to wear face coverings whenever they are out of their room and cannot attend events and gatherings, but may attend MIT-managed programs, classes, and labs.

To maintain access to campus

Students are required to comply with MIT’s Covid-19 testing expectations while living in Institute-approved housing or accessing campus facilities, as well as undergo additional viral testing as directed by MIT.

All students and residents of Institute-approved housing (students and spouses/partners) or students accessing campus buildings at least weekly need to be tested for Covid one time each week.

Students who are out of compliance with Covid testing requirements will be restricted from accessing non-residential campus buildings. Students will not be restricted from accessing residential buildings. Restricting access to residential buildings for non-compliance with daily attestation and testing requirements may be reinstated during the semester if compliance rates warrant this action.

Should conditions change, students must follow MIT Medical’s updated recommendations on testing cadence.

Additional resources

If you have questions about campus reentry, or any other Covid-related policies, please email