Last updated: October 11, 2022

Mandatory Covid testing and daily health attestations are no longer required for any MIT community members including students, residents, employees, and the unvaccinated.

Visitors are not required to have a negative Covid test before coming to MIT’s campus.

Latest testing updates (as of June 6, 2022)

  • As of June 17, MIT is ending observed PCR testing through the MIT Medical trailer.
  • As of July 1, PCR testing will be available only to community members who are experiencing Covid symptoms. Instructions on how to get a test kit for symptomatic testing will be linked in the MIT Atlas app and on
  • A new Covid test kit will be required for unobserved testing; current kits will no longer be valid.
  • The new test kit will be available for pick-up and drop-off at MIT Medical as of July 1.
  • You should continue to report symptoms through Covid Pass, and will need to do so to use the new test.
  • Learn more about what to do if you have symptoms, test positive, or are a close contact to someone who tested positive for Covid-19.

More information about testing is available via Covid Apps.

If you have questions about testing, or any other Covid-related policies, please email