Last updated: March 14, 2022

Effective March 14, 2022, regular mandatory Covid testing is no longer required for any MIT community members including students, residents, employees, and the unvaccinated.

Community members who are symptomatic, believe they may have been exposed to the virus, or are concerned about heightened risk (e.g., from recent gatherings or travel) are encouraged to utilize on-demand testing. MIT’s Covid-19 testing operations remain open and operational for anyone in Covid Pass who would like to test.

Also effective March 14, 2022, students and employees are no longer required to submit a daily attestation before gaining access to campus. Individuals who are exhibiting symptoms should attest to having symptoms in the Covid Pass portion of the Atlas app and will be required to test through the app before gaining access to campus.

NOTE: MIT students who travel over Spring Break are strongly encouraged to test upon their return.

Visitors are not required to have a negative Covid test before coming to MIT’s campus.

More information about testing is available via Covid Apps.

If you have questions about testing, or any other Covid-related policies, please email