Last updated: April 21, 2023

Face coverings are now optional in most indoor spaces at MIT, as well as on MIT shuttle buses.

Masks should be worn for 10 full days after a positive test or after an exposure.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues to require that face coverings be worn in specific spaces on our campus, including at MIT Medical. In addition, masks are still required in areas of campus where they were required prior to the pandemic (e.g., specific lab spaces, animal facilities, areas with hazardous materials) or as otherwise required by law. Other than in these situations, departments, labs, and centers (DLCs) may not establish their own policies or requirements related to face coverings.

All community members are asked to respect others’ choices on masking and to be respectful of those choices when discussing mask usage. Individuals, DLCs, or organizations may not require, coerce, or pressure others to wear masks. In situations where there are power imbalances, individuals are asked to be especially thoughtful in requesting a person to alter their masking practice since even well-meaning requests can be perceived to carry pressure or coercion. If you are asked to wear a mask in an area where it is not required or to remove a mask in a particular situation, you are free to refuse.

If you believe that there has been a policy violation, you can file a report at If you would like to request an employment or academic accommodation due to a disability, please contact Disability and Access Services (students) or MIT Disabilities Services and Medical Leaves Office (employees).

MIT’s face covering policy and other Covid policies are subject to change if public health conditions change on campus or in surrounding communities, or if local, state, or federal guidance changes.