November 18, 2020

Dear Covid Pass Users and Authorizers,

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, MIT recommends that community members, especially those who require regular access to campus, travel only if it is absolutely necessary. Moreover, with the holidays approaching, we also recommend that you remain vigilant wherever you are, especially if you participate in any kind of social gathering.

If you must travel beyond the Cambridge/greater Boston area, including returning to your permanent residence after in-person instruction ends:

You should register your travel if:

  • You require regular access to MIT’s campus.
  • Your travel is MIT-related, meaning your travel is funded or organized by MIT, conducted on behalf of MIT, related to scholarly activities, or requiring the use of MIT resources.
  • You are on essential personal travel, international and domestic travel, and/or overnight “local” travel (within New England).
  • Your trip will cause you to miss a required Covid test.

Registering to travel provides numerous benefits:

  • During your time away, you will no longer receive Covid Pass notification reminders.
  • Registering essential travel (beyond the Cambridge/greater Boston area) ensures that you maintain your campus access upon your return, as your testing date will move to the day you return. This is especially important for those living in MIT residence halls.
  • Registering helps to keep you and the MIT community healthy and safe.

Keep in mind the following:

  • MIT Medical’s helpful advice for safe travel.
  • Registering to travel does not grant anyone a travel exception.
  • Students who are traveling outside of Massachusetts after in-person instruction ends on November 20 should get a Covid-19 test 48 hours prior to traveling, follow state or country relevant quarantine guidance, and quarantine for a full 14 days upon their return home.

For those who have traveled, note the following requirements:

  • Campus residents: You must test at an MIT Medical testing facility on the day you return to campus (or the next available testing day) and then once more, 7 days after your return. You must self-quarantine until you have two negative results before accessing campus facilities (other than your residence and dining).
  • Students and employees living off campus: You must test at an MIT Medical testing facility on the 7th day after your return from travel, ideally, during the first available testing day/time, or the next day/time testing is available. You must then wait for a negative result before coming to campus and must test at an MIT Medical testing facility again, 3-4 days later, per your usual testing cadence. Per MIT’s Human Resources policies, you must use “Covid leave time” for the 7 days, or use personal leave and/or vacation time.

Please plan your return and necessary testing in advance. Campus testing will be available during breaks, with the calendar of modified days/times available in Covid Pass.

When in doubt, register your travel. It takes less than a minute. Finally, a friendly reminder, wherever you are, if you engage in holiday social gatherings, do your part to keep loved ones and communities safe during this time of widespread transmission of Covid-19.

Thank you.