August 24, 2021

As we look ahead to fall, many of us are getting ready to return to campus after a long time away.

The following checklist will help make the return to on-site work as seamless as possible. Even if you don’t plan to be on campus right away, you may find it helpful to review and familiarize yourself with these steps now.

Before you return to campus

  • Watch Returning to Campus: A Primer for Employees, a seven-minute video that helps orient staff returning to campus for the first time since the start of the pandemic.
  • Provide proof of vaccination, or receive an approved exemption.
  • Check your MIT ID. If the back of your card doesn’t have a “Charlie Inside” logo, it may not work to access campus buildings. Contact the Atlas Service Center at or 617-253-3000 to replace your card at no cost to you.
  • Plan to bring a mask to wear indoors on campus.
  • With your manager’s permission, consider having a work day on campus to reacclimate to your workspace before your official first day back.
  • Get familiar with Covid Pass, the application MIT community members use to complete requirements for campus access. There are two ways to access Covid Pass: via the MIT Atlas mobile app (details below) and online at
  • Install the MIT Atlas mobile app, which includes Covid Pass, on your iOS 13+ or Android 7+ device. The Covid Pass feature in the MIT Atlas mobile app is the easiest, most convenient way to complete your testing and health attestation requirements.
  • Go to to complete forms and a brief training. (Use a laptop or desktop computer, or a tablet, to complete the training, not the mobile app.)
  • Before returning to campus, open the MIT Atlas mobile app, choose “Pass” to access Covid Pass, and confirm that your vaccination status, acknowledgment, and training requirements are displayed as “complete.”
  • See Commuting Benefits in Atlas to confirm that your program choices and vehicle information are up to date. Take advantage of increased subsidies for commuter rail passes (up to 90% off), MBTA parking (it’s free), private transit costs, and Bluebikes.

Once you arrive on campus

  • Show: Your MIT ID must be visible at all times. You can stop by Lobby 7 for a free lanyard. Free masks will also be available.
  • Test: Open the MIT Atlas mobile app. Select “Pass” to access Covid Pass. Select “Medical” to see your options for testing. You may test on the day you access campus, and you do not need to wait for your test result for building access. You should test during your regularly scheduled work hours when possible; hourly employees record the time as “Work.” If you haven’t tested on campus yet, do observed testing first at the MIT Medical Trailer located between buildings E23 and the Media Lab (or, through Labor Day, at the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center) before moving to unobserved self-testing.
  • Attest: After testing, you may immediately complete your health attestation in Covid Pass.
  • Wait: Allow approximately 30 minutes for the health attestation to process in order to receive building access.
  • Wear a mask. They are required to be worn while indoors at MIT.
  • Tap: You’re all set! Tap your MIT ID on the reader at an access point to enter your building or any of the MIT community access points shown on this map.

Maintain your campus access

  • Test on schedule. Testing is required once per week for MIT employees who regularly access campus, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Complete your health attestation each day you come to campus, ideally before you leave home to allow for processing time.

Need help?

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