Last updated: January 27, 2022

Campus access

  • If you have not been on campus or on-site for many months, please review the information on Covid Apps about getting started for a return to campus (e.g., Covid Pass, Covid testing, access, etc.).


  • The testing protocols are currently unchanged from the fall semester: you should test when Covid Pass says you are due to test. If you are not on campus on a day when you are due, test the next time you come in.
  • If you have tested positive using your own test or a test from outside of MIT’s campus testing system, please report the positive test result by completing the MIT Medical Positive Case Information Form. Doing so will push forward your next test due date. If you were due for a booster dose around the time of your positive test result, your booster due date will also be moved forward.
  • If you do not have a testing kit on hand, you may test the first day you are on campus at the MIT Medical trailer (next to Building E23) or pick up a kit in the Student Center (Building W20) to swab in private. Be sure to allow for sufficient time for both observed testing (if you visit the MIT Medical trailer) and attestation to avoid disruption in your campus access.


Updating information

  • As conditions change, MIT’s guidance on the pandemic changes. Updated information on Covid-related policies such as masks, visitors, etc. is posted in the Policies section.

If you have questions about campus reentry, or any other Covid-related policies, please email